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KICK THE MOON goes ‘beyond training’ to design and facilitate training curricula as engaging experiences – transforming culture. We are zealous about guiding the moments of engagement – touchpoints – between people and brands, and the ideas, emotions and memories that these moments create.

For training curricula that builds upon your vision to create emotional connection and empowerment- depend on KICK THE MOON.

Renée Malone is Founder / Chief eXperience Officer of KICK THE MOON ® LLC. Through a potent combination of training expertise and thought leadership, KICK THE MOON goes beyond training to transform culture. Pine & Gilmore* Certified Experience Economy Expert, she boots businesses into new and different directions for progression in the Experience Economy. Renée is an accomplished training director, a crowd pleasing speaker, creator of The eXperience makeOver™– the on-site ‘makeover’ workshop that has catapulted the customer experience for numerous businesses, and executive advisor for individual companies.

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Pine and Gilmore Certified Experience Economy Expert