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Among our clients who have kicked the moon: Magicians, Electric Guitar Players, Yoga Instructors, Olympic Qualifiers, Baseball Fans, Certified Experience Economy Experts, Golfers, Authors, Speakers, Dancers, Hairdressers, Music Buffs, Dog Lovers, Amazing Dads, Cigar Aficionados, Agent Provocateurs, Wine Connoisseurs, Financial Institution Gurus, Moms with teenagers, Improvisation Players, Brand Artists...


"Collaborating with Renee is a compelling experience. Her training insight and content brings life and new energy to the projects she creates. Her presence is commanding regardless of the audience, and her delivery of content is confident, comfortable, and personal. Renee has truly helped me create an 'experience' for events we've worked on together."
  Joshua Farmer, National Store Director, American Crew

"The Beatles regarded their producer George Martin as 'The Fifth Beatle.' Renee Malone is my George Martin."
  Lance Courtney, President of, Inc. & Paradigm International Enterprises
Business Coach, Trainer, © Certified Dream Coach

"Thank you for all you do to make a difference for me and Inspiring Champions you have been one of our top assets and the best is yet to come."
  Lauren Gartland, Founder/President and CEO of Inspiring Champions

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Pine and Gilmore Certified Experience Economy Expert