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KICK THE MOON subscribes to the TMTOWTDI (There’s More Than One Way To Do It) philosophy to design and facilitate training curricula. The KICK THE MOON eXperience DESIGN process renders your training curricula in six-phases; based around the building-up of your ideas to create connection and empowerment. We include KICK THE MOON models and frameworks including specialized facilitation techniques to elicit transformation.

  • Define: Objectives
    Decide on what improvements to make, agree on who the audience is, prioritize, determine what will make the training curricula successful, and establish a glossary of terms.
  • Explore: History
    Review history of the existing training, collect examples or other attempts, talk to the thought leaders and end users, build consensus.
  • Seek: Ideas
    Identify content and touchpoints. Determine needs and motivations of end users, generate as many ideas as possible to serve those intended needs, log brainstorming without judgment.
  • Invent: Prototypes
    Combine, expand and refine ideas. Create multiple drafts, seek feedback from a diverse group of people – including end users, present a selection of ideas for the training curricula and maintain neutrality.
  • Garner: Training Platform
    Choose the most powerful idea, assign tasks, implement and provide the deliverable, as training curricula.
  • Navigate: Transformation
    Gather feedback from the client and end-user, determine if the training curricula met its goals, discuss what could be improved, measure success.
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